Inspiration Call: Poetry is an act of appreciation.


Inspiration Call: Poetry is an act of appreciation. With our increasingly busy schedules, we lose our ability to appreciate. Poets must resist the modern temptation to overlook what holds meaning in our lives. Identify something in your surroundings—a rusted hoe draped in spider webs, an unfashionable dress abandoned by time, a wine cork buried in a drawer of unpaid bills—and write a poem that appreciates these lonely items.

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  1. It is sprinkling outside today
    It is cool and brisk, I have to say.
    There are two chairs and a small table
    and the skeleton of a turtle in the rain
    None of these words are rhyming
    and I am getting frustrated
    This is not how I saw my day starting out
    II planned on making a lot of progress
    It is not the end of the world
    and I am so blessed.
    I am here and alive
    and able to survive
    I am going outside to feel the rain
    I just stretched out my hand
    and breath in the air of the land
    Let it be
    and you will see
    It is how you want to approach YOUR DAY
    You have things to do, so get out of the way!
    You know you will feel better so STOP PUNISHING YOURSELF!
    Let’s get up and GO
    before we change our minds
    God bless you all
    and have a GREAT DAY!

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