Featured Writer: Dena M. Daigle



There once was a time I thought death contained more beauty than my life ever could.

I played Russian Roulette with alcohol, pills and needles, unafraid of the consequences.

I was just a lost and lonely girl, detaching herself from the dark, cruel world.

But on that fateful night that my body lay there dying,

heartbeat beginning to fade,

I realized that my soul was still ablaze.

There was a little fight left in these weary bones

and I realized that my will to live was stronger than the poison coursing through my veins.

I reclaimed my life that day… spread my Phoenix wings and flew away,

but every time those memories replay, I’m singed by the things I could never say.

How many times must I walk across those flames?

Because I’m standing in the ashes of whom I used to be

and though I’m faded away, you know I used to be on fire.


© Dena M. Daigle

19060035_10211225280325837_4174387402330465204_n About the Author – DENA M. DAIGLE

Much like her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, the story of Dena Daigle is truly one of survival. Her words are a testament for those with the strength to persevere, that the beginning of a woman with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a burning desire for life. She writes with a warrior’s heart and a lover’s passion. As the ink begins to flow, she becomes one with the universe, spilling from her soul the pains of an inner child lost in the wilderness of an unforgiving world, and the joys of a woman embracing her Goddess within. Dena Daigle is a powerful voice booming from her poetic words in a society that has long tried to silence women like her. She knows these truths and has made it her mission to share them with the world…one sentence at a time. She has risen from the darkness, like a phoenix, ascended from the smoldered ruins of her past. And so, if one were to look today, you would find her, much like her beloved city, not surviving, but thriving, using her pen to scatter the ashes in hope of spreading Love, Light, and Life to the far corners of a world gone dark. – Clyde Hurlston

LINKS – https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixAscended33/ 


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3 replies

  1. Beautifully written. The use of the mythopoetic phoenix got me brimming with joy.
    Death, is what many long for in their times of despair, but when it comes it dawns on them that life is still worth living. The realization is only blunted when the subject suffers severe depression… Depression is a ticking time bomb..

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    • Thank you so much for reading! I’m stoked that you enjoyed my work! I agree wholeheartedly with what you said about death and despair. It was only after I hit rock bottom and drowned in the depths of despair that I realized how much I wanted to live…really LIVE, not just be alive. Soul work isn’t easy, but it’s totally worth every ounce of pain endured in the process of facing your shadow. Love and light to you and yours! ❤

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  1. Faded – Featured on Creative Talents Unleashed @CTUPublishing – Phoenix Ascended

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