New Release: “Sinner’s Road” by Hugh Dysart

Sinner's RoadPreface …

We have all hitched down Sinner’s Road, at one time or another.  Some have stopped at small churches and begged repentance, some have stuck their thumbs back out, into the wind.

I always loved the wind.

I am a musician, a poet, a rich man, a hobo, a wiseman, a fool, a saint, a sinner.

I always loved the sinners.

I have kicked stones down Sinner’s Road for many years. If I had a destination, I’ve forgotten it long ago.

I truly hope my words amuse you and confuse you. I hope they comfort you, or perhaps warm you on cold, dark nights, as you stand waiting for the next ride, down Sinner’s Road.


Sinner’s Road – Now Available

Order Your Copy Today At:



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  1. Reblogged this on The Lyrical Journal and commented:
    So proud of my fella. His new release is a wonderful collection

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  2. A mouthwatering teaser .. I can relate… My tongue is still out, enjoying my plight down that lane. I hope it ends well. That hope is vague though.

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  1. Meet Poet: Hugh Dysart – Creative Talents Unleashed

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