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About the Author

Hugh Dysart

With the release of his second book, “Sinner’s Road”, Hugh also celebrates fifty years of playing blues and rock. His first book, “Torn Poems”, was the culmination of fifteen years of writing lyrics and poetry.

The musical influences in his work, are worn proudly on the sleeve. Prose written with the depth of blues, lyrics jump with the drive of rock and roll. Love, death, art, politics and religion are rocks to be overturned. To see what crawls out.

Words that whisper in your ear of love and peace. Words that scream in your head of war and injustice. Winners, losers, saints and sinners reside here. Come sit for a while.

Hugh Dysart is a soul mate, with Brenda-Lee Ranta, an established author, also at CTU Publishing Group. A father and a grandfather. He resides in Timmins Ontario Canada.

Check out Dysart’s Collections of Poetry

Sinner's RoadBook Description: Sinner’s Road – it’s an almanac for the many souls basking in their colorful wanderlust. This collection of poetry is both a trip down memory lane and the brink of a once in a lifetime voyage. It paints a masterpiece filled with worn-down freedom fighters, poor musicians, rich poets, wise bohemians and foolish saints. Their tales will provide you with unnecessary comfort and warmth, and will move you to tears of happiness, sadness and frustration.

Pages brimming with massive beds of unmade decisions, haunting memories of thoughts left unsaid. Who would believe such a messy mind could articulate such wonderful sentences? “Shrapnel Eyes” shows you the gritty honesty of an entire society’s role in politics; “Flora’s Song” delivers lyrical and brutally moving cadences of love gone awry; “Innocent Times” and “The Gates of Woodstock” surprisingly shower you with bittersweet notes of nostalgia.

But, my favorite is the look into oneself. Delving deep into perception and navigating, at times hopelessly, through the beautiful disaster of a lifetime. Yes, be sure to take more than one deep breath before plunging into “Old Cracked Mirror” and be prepared for a most profound and honest admission.

Keep this almanac close to your heart and never too far from your mind, as you journey into the great unknown of a wandering soul, a living history of a journey we all ought to make, at least one time, before we no longer can.

–           L. J. Diaz, author of Catching Snowflakes

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Now Avalaible at CTU Publishing Group and

Torn Poems Book Description: Poems torn and pieced together from memories and yesterday’s, from loves slow dances and tomorrow’s second chances. This is a remarkable collection of poems that explores social injustice, somber blues, and love – lost and found. Despite life’s ups and downs this book is uplifting, upbeat and positive.

Dysart has an impressive range and can spin words into stories that truly pull you in and inspire. This lyrical and melodic prose is from an extraordinarily gifted and diverse mind and will not fail to captivate you.

If this poetry collection were a CD, it would be loud with eclectic beats, filled with live and uncut records. An album too special for the radio. Something you will play and devour in its entirety, never skipping a track – stuck on a repeat loop. It will speak to you on a deeply personal level and take you on a tumultuous tour of emotions. Torn Poems – torn from the soundtrack of life.

–           L. J. Diaz, author of Catching Snowflakes

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Now Avalaible at CTU Publishing Group and

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