Example of Understanding – Author Susannah White

Example of Understanding

That feeling you get when all your emotions

                     start to swirl,

 everything upsets you and all you seem to

               encounter is turmoil.

      That feeling in itself is hard to stop,

 controlling one’s emotions is hard to do.

       Once you can accomplish this,

             not much upsets you.

 You respond in a calm manner and tone,

  an example of understanding is shown.

        Not all will accept this way,

for they live with too much anger day to day.

   Their own failures they do not admit,

so they take it out on the world and treat

                    people like shit!

True and sometimes harsh words are meant to

   be said when others hurt you so bad,

      How else would they ever know?

Life is more than their minds delusional reality


       Once again it can be said to be true:

Deceptions of the mind can cause an eternity

                           of strife –

Slowly robbing you of this precious thing we

              are blessed to call life!


© Susannah White

Where the Soul Wanders

Excerpt from the book Where the Soul Wanders

$12.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Susannah White About the Author

Susannah White is a self-taught poet residing in Southern California. Her passion for writing excelled at a very young age after winning a state writing competition. She won numerous awards throughout school, including the national President’s award multiple times. Susannah feels her purpose in life is to lift those souls up whom have broken wings and help them once again soar to where their soul wanders.

Visit Susannah’s Author Page at: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/susannah-white-.html

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