A Soul Passenger – Prologue

A Soul PassengerPrologue …


As the snow recedes,

the Ides of March reveal

that which was buried far beneath ~

impregnated life awaiting new birth in spring


Against all better judgement, she agreed to meet him at the park. Tiny mounds of dirty snow were barely visible on that damp, grey March day.

She had agreed she would be there on her lunch hour; finally putting a face to his words. They had met on-line through a mutual friend, never imagining herself actually agreeing to rendezvous with a total stranger. It was the antithesis of everything she was, however she was driving there.

His first words to her in an in-boxed message had been, “you have secrets.” She was shocked at his impetuous opening statement to her, however it was true. She had many secrets. She was experienced at hiding her sad, sordid life, wearing a façade of being capable, strong. They conversed back and forth for weeks, which led to that day. He insisted it would simply be two friends sharing a lunch hour together.

Pulling into the parking lot, she asked herself, “what the hell am I doing?” Too late, spotting his vehicle just as he had described it, a late model, long, boat like car, the color of burnished brass; she pulled in beside him.  She watched him walking towards her car door. She slowly stepped out, looking up at a very tall man with crazy, wild hair, wearing sun glasses on a cloudy day, with a winning smile. Dressed in faded jeans, denim jacket and a button-down shirt, he looked quite casual. They gave each other a perfunctory greeting, albeit nervous, opting to sit on a park bench. Either car seemed too intimidating for a first encounter.

Shivering beside him on the bench, they exchanged quick jibes, until they were chatting easily, recounting tidbits from previous conversations; never taking their eyes from each other. Surprisingly, there were moments of laughter; a comfortable sense of humor.

Glancing down at her watch, she realized that it was time to return to work. Just as she was about to stand up to leave, he reached out and touched her hair. “Your hair is beautiful.” A stranger had just touched her hair, something so personal under the circumstances, would have seemed inappropriate. Somehow, she didn’t feel that way, she found it endearing; returning to her car, feeling stunned and disarmed. He stood there, watching her back out of her parking spot.  With a little wave, she drove off.

That was the beginning.  From the second she had first laid eyes on his face, he never again left her mind; not even for one moment.

“She had secrets.”


This book is the autobiographical account of a woman and a man, who against all odds, found each other; resuming something mystical that existed long before the annals of earthly time and space.

A Soul Passenger – Now Available

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Brenda-Lee3 About the Author

Brenda-Lee Ranta composed her first poem at the age of seven.  Throughout her life, she used prose as a means of logging her experiences in a life which has been under ‘constant construction.’

Amazing to her, is that at the age of 58, CTU Publishing Group published her first book, “Myriad of Perceptions,” to be followed by “Allegories – a thirst for connection.”  It was for her, a life changing experience, taking her from journal writing to giving her words a life beyond herself.  Her two books also were awarded five-star reviews from Readers Favorites.

Brenda-Lee Ranta completed her first full novel, based on what she describes as her mystic life.   “A Soul Passenger – when love collides” is her newest release with CTU Publishing Group.  She shares a very deep and personal journey with her readers in this very emotionally charged book.



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