Blind Compassion – Author Tammy S. Thomas


How can one not feel love for another?
Our sisters and brothers, who
Struggles to help elevate each other…

Where has our compassion gone?
Has hatred blinded us?
We should be encouraging our people,
Inspiring our people,
We are all equals.

We need to build each other up
And not tear one another down.
Where has our compassion gone?
Has hatred blinded us?

I could say so much                                                                                                                            But… all I can do is pray.                                                                                                                    As I sit here with tears in my eyes
And wonder why one must fear
Another getting ahead before them?

What happened to teach one?
Reach one?
I refuse to believe we have lost us…
We need to pull together
And rebuild our nation.

© Tammy S. Thomas


Except from the book “Emotional Soul of a Poetess”

$10.95 Plus Shipping ~ Avaliableat CTU Publishing Group and

picsart_02-11-10-32-52 About the Author

You will never know unless you try. Those are the words that Tammy lives by. Born into a military family, she takes the motto “Be all you can be”, to another level. Tammy was inspired to write poetry at the age of fifteen through dealing with life’s experiences.

Her soulful style of poetry is catching like wildfire and you can now find Tammy’s work on multiple social platforms.

Tammy is a single mother of two beautiful daughters, and a grandmother to two grandchildren. If you ask anyone about Tammy, they would say she has a positive and soulful energy about her.

Visit Tammy’s Author Page At:

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