Featured Writer: Melody Lee



I could have been any one, I could have been no one

I could have been a hero, I could have been famous

I could have been a dictator or a spectator

A lawyer, a lover

An academician, a doctor

A witty writer, a sensual muse

A piano player singing the blues

Dominatrix mistress submissive

Maybe I was all of the above, maybe I was none

One thing I most definitely was

A mischievous girl, curious and cerebral, with unusual needs

A fetish…

Blue black purple ink made me weak in the knees

Sonnets and rhymes

Pulsed through my veins

Like flashes of lightning and dancing rain

Haikus and songs

Alive in my brain, never-ending fires


Untamed and strong


A prisoner to my mind

Bleeding words

Captive in the cage of my soul

I was a peculiar girl with a poetry fetish

Born in my heart

A manic case of lovers becoming muses

Obsessed with burning love

Turning madness into inspiration and art


A girl full of metaphors, allegories, blood and ink

Limericks and sonnets made me dizzy like champagne

I could have been anything and everything

Instead I was just an eccentric girl with a poetry fetish

The words crawl in, the words crawl out

Spinning and twirling about

Possessing me daily with lettered, literary and cerebral affairs

Clever thoughts, catchy words and poetic adverbs

Make love in my strange ballerina head


I could have been anything, instead I was everything

Through poetry and prose, anything goes.

Like a voluptuous woman and an overflowing garden

My imagination grows as words flow

In my dreamy cerebral state

My mind fertilized and active

I’m just a strange and mischievous girl with a poetry fetish.


© Melody Lee

Melody LeeAbout the Author

Melody Lee is a contributing writer for A Better Today Media online magazine and features reviewer for Her Heart Poetry magazine. She’s an avid reader, power-walker, wine-enthusiast, foodie and collector of adventures. Melody recently published her debut poetry book, “Moon Gypsy,” and is working on her second poetry book to be released in 2018.  You can find Melody Lee on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MLPoetryJunkie and on Instagram @melody_lee_poetry_junkie.

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