Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday


Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Welcome

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Lady Liberty on Strike

    Once upon a time
    We were known as a melting pot
    A place where dreams come true
    Others looked to our shores for safety
    A home where they could breathe again
    Living a life of opportunity
    What happened to the America I knew as a kid?
    Oh, how far we have fallen from the tip of Lady Liberty’s crown
    She now hides her head in shame
    Ashamed of a country killing one another
    Forging walls to hide behind
    Hunkered down with the remnants of yesterday
    Holding on to the memories to tell our children
    “Kids, all were welcome, once upon a time.”

    Elizabeth Daniel .


  2. Please come and visit
    We need to talk and catch up
    How long has it been?
    I don’t remember either
    I think it’s 6 months
    On Friday it will be 6!
    This is what we want
    How sure about this are you?
    I am very sure!
    It is time to start over
    A new year is here!
    Clapping and HUGE, bright smiles
    Starting over here
    Will be a breath of fresh air
    Sit back and enjoy


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