Now Accepting Anthology Submissions: Cupid’s Arrow

Submitting to independent publishers like Creative Talents Unleashed guarantees your work will remain yours, and we give each writer a fair share of publicity. All the proceeds for our anthologies go into a “starving artist” fund, in order to give new authors a chance at publishing their very own book at little to no cost.

Explore our site and our talented authors. This might just be the opportunity to get your name into the writing world.

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Currently Accepting Submissions for the following Anthologies:

Cupid’s Arrow

Cupids Arrow We are Currently accepting poetry submissions for the anthology Cupid’s Arrow.

Send us your best love poems nothing too overtly sexual or cliché or archaic. Write something befitting a modern day love poem; yes unleash all your pent-up emotions. Yes send us your hot steamy passions – lust and envy; give us your deepest heartbreak. But make it all feel somewhat fresh and utterly real. Immerse us totally, and engulf us deliriously but make every word count, make it tangible immerse, your selves into the subject matter of love, share with us your innermost feelings about it, about your one true love, your Kismet soul mate!


Submissions Open From December 1 – December 31 2017, ONLY

Goal to publish before Valentine’s Day

Here are the chapters we are looking to fill:

  • Love at first sight
  • Love everlasting
  • Love of my life
  • Love will tear us apart
  • Love vs. Lust
  • Love is forever
  • Love ‘changes everything’
  • Love never dies

Get all the details by clicking on the link below:

Please visit our Starving Artist site to learn more about how our anthologies assist writer’s in becoming published authors.

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  2. Beautiful and lovely ideas full of wisdom


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