Spotlight Poet: David Ray



Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders




Most every war is documented
But history has flaws,
We may believe we know the truth
But can we trust it all?

We all have learned of Vietnam
While studying the sixties,
But parallel to this great loss
Was a war lost by the hippies,

Flower power, peace and love
Against a world of hate,
Just like they killed Kennedy
Ideals of common fate,

Lennon tried to imagine
Imagine if he lived,
Think of all the poetry
He still had left to give,

And what about Jim Morrison
And opening the doors,
Lying in a bathtub
His heart could take no more,

Go on and take another piece
Until there are none left,
And hope that Janis found true comfort
Southern was her death,

So many poets put their lives
And hearts into their work,
And in a way their lives were ended
By the same ones they wrote for,

I’ve mentioned but a few
Of the singing souls who fought,
Reminding us to strive for love
It’s really all we’ve got,

I suppose the war had ended
As quickly as begun,
But take a moment to picture the world
If the hippies would have won.


© David Ray

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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  1. WOW! Wonderful!


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