Cinderella – Author Daryl P. Hall


Cinderella sits alone today,
Within the prison of her room.
The silence is so deafening,
As it echoes round this tomb.
It drains the life right from her,
Like a thief broke in and stole
Every single thing she treasured,
The very essence of her soul.
Cinderella, be brave:
You know you have the power.
Cinderella, be strong,
For now has come the hour.
Time slips by without her notice:
It could be day, it could be night –
Darkness permeates the sunshine,
Only making worse her plight
How she dreads the starting over
From the horror she has known,
Unknown freedom is the cost
Of  facing future life alone.
Yes, it’s a total role reversal,
The tables have been turned.
As she bravely seeks an ally,
To stand beside her as a friend.
© Daryl P. Hall

Lifelines for the Soul

Excerpt from the book “Lifelines for the Soul”

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Daryl HallAbout the Author

Daryl P. Hall was born in 1963 in the historic city of Worcester, United Kingdom. He always had a love for words, especially the written word; as a youngster he devoured books. He started writing poetry and lyrics in his mid-teens, as an expression of his sensitive soul.

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