Black Boys – Author Jaz

Black boys




white t-shirting it

the masses moving like blackstrap molasses

Black boys trying to be black men too soon

Gleaming grill

housing ill

beautiful still

broken ’till appeased and tempted with hell’s delicacies again

Black boys feeling all crazy inside

bending the sun to bow down to their anger

Black boys hustling

mischief heavy at the bottom of their shoe

stepping in time to the street’s rhyme

Black boys wondering if anybody sees their soul

feels their waterfalls

carries their burdens

listens to their eternal scream

Black boys gifted but crying

Black boys shining but dying

for the holes in them means a hole in somebody else

and color to a bullet is irrelevant

somebody else who had nothing to do with their pain

but now a part of it as a cyclone picks up everything in its path

the dust with the rain

Black boys wanna play outside

wanna show their heart

without the bruise of “wuss”

and the brand of “fagot”

tattooed on them forever

Black boys amazing

so amazing it makes me cry because they don’t know it

their realities wear down their spirit

as harsh choppy waters erode rocks over time

and they live out their wounds

reach for poisons to fill their voids

Black boys do you hear your Grandmothers’ prayers?

Do you feel the innumerable tears

that cover and encapsulate you as the womb did?

Mommas wanna put you back in there, you’ll be safe maybe

Black boys do you feel that you stand a chance

against this war-torn country and war-torn corners

and war in you?

Black boys wielding fists to say

“I am here”

“I have power”

“Respect me”

“Don’t disregard me”

“I matter”

“Don’t look through me”

“Look at me”

“Love me”

Black boys do you know why you’re so tired?

why it’s getting harder to run and play?

Because you’re wearing someone else’s shoes too big for you

they don’t fit

you shouldn’t be the one raising the family

Black boys should be allowed to just be Black boys

Black boys Sing!

until you drown our street sirens


on your knees not with your fists


until those scabs fall off

use the pain to motivate your wings

Black boys hear my prayers

Know that God is painting your life

even though the dark colors it will become clear

and a beautiful picture will appear

That portrait is you, and God’s dreams for

Black boys coming true.


© Jaz

Serendaing Flowers

Excerpt from the book Serenading Flowers

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Jaz WAbout the Author

Jaz is an actress, ASCAP member-songwriter, published poet, model and singer from Philly, PA. Jaz is pursuing her BA in Theater Studies at Temple University. She is a member of Temple’s Golden Key International Honour Society and on the Dean’s List. Jaz was also just awarded as a 2017 honoree of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Visit Jaz’s Author Page At

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