Featured Writer: Steve Lay


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


Peace in the middle East,
Peace on our streets,
Peace when we meet and greet,
Peace when we face book and tweet.

Online abuse is there really any use,
Is it just an excuse, to abuse,
Hide behind an identity that you choose,
So you feel like cutting loose,
So you can send posts, That tend to boast,
See how many likes you can get who gets the most.

Peace on the computer screen,
Peace everywhere in between,
Peace so we are not being mean,
Peace all over is that the dream?

People hiding behind religion, is it a given,
Who’s god is better and forget to start living,
People fighting there own war,
Are they really sure what are they fighting for,
Converting while flirting with an idea,
We bow down and live in fear.

Peace in the middle east,
Peace to help slay the beast,
Peace in the valley,
Peace down the alley,
All we want is some peace now.

People who are judging, creating petty grudges,
Without getting to know someone and start loving,
Stop all your pushing and shoving,
Everybody is different where is the acceptance,
There is definitely an absence,
Where is the balance?

Peace to a stranger,
Peace love and danger,
Peace to an acquaintance,
Peace to the whole town,
Peace to the black, white and brown,
All we want is some peace now.

© Steve Lay

StyEvO About the Author

Steve Lay is a 36 year old Writer and Poet and literally stumbled across poetry by accident.

One day when writing in Drama class back in Totnes they started off as lyrics, they always had a tune to them in my mind poetic melodies. I never told anyone that I wrote lyrics or poetry for years because I cared what people would think and also I was wondering if they are any good.

Then one day I had the courage and felt the fear and sent in my poetry to a Radio Station to see if they were any good, I was shocked when I was invited onto their radio show to read it out, which got a great response I was encouraged to continue to write more.

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