CTU Press Release: Contributors Announcement – Cupid’s Arrow Anthology

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for the literary publication Cupid’s Arrow.

Cupid’s Arrow Contributors:

Ken Allan Dronsfield – A Velvet Dawn, Resonance of Love, Tinge of Tears in the Mist

Shola Balogun – Moonlight Away

Lynn White – Meeting, Blue

Sylvana Accom – I Am One With You, Be My Life

Paige Turner – Exhale, Looks

Sagar Singh – The Millennials

Jackie Chou – Lucky in Love, Dancing Joy, Wanting to Be With You

Gigi Lee – My Stranger, Half The World Apart, The Day I Wake To Find You

Sanhita Baruah – Someday, Bereft, Fall in Love

William Wright, Jr. – An Eternal Reward

Raja Williams – Intimate Moments, Living in Loves Illusion, Baggage

Sue Lobo – Forgotten Places, Perspiration, Make Love to Me

Christena AV Williams – Anguish Soul, To: Two Doves, My Dearest,

Michelle Rice – My Escape, Closer View

Vincent Van Ross – Eternal Love, The Soul of My Life, Love at First Sight

Jagari Mukherjee – Cold Moon, Three Stanzas for My Beloved, Tango

Linda Imbler – Galveston, Petals, Heaven’s Last Wish

Hugh Burke – Dialect, About Love

Dah – Fox Jewel Fire, Summer, Ocean

Maggie Mae – Hold

Audley Hitchins – The Goddess of Love

Brenda-Laa Ranta – Her Metaphor, Convergence

Shyamal Mukhopadhyay – Love in a Local Train

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo – Written In the Stars

Paromita Mukherjee Ojha – Joie de Vivre

Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur – Cupid’s Arrow

Vatsala Radhakeesoon – Thinking about Ex-boyfriend

Valormore De Plume – Evermore

Tammy S. Thomas – Where I Want to Be, Soul Catcher

Dena M. Daigle – A Letter to My Soulmate, Our Own Kind of Fairytale

Steven T. Licardi – Dormant, Fusion / Fission, I.V.

Nolan P. Holloway Jr. – A Winter’s Love (Later in Life)

Lyne Beringer – A Lesson about Love, Happiness in a Jar, Paperback Writers

Jill N. Pontiere – Drifting With The Clouds

Mahinour Tawfik – Love, Missing, Tale of Woe

Daginne Aignend –  Saved by Words, Another Scar, The Bubbles Burst

Sravani Singampalli – A Bee to a Flower

Heath Brougher – A Rare Luminosity, Empty Pillow

Sandra Lyon Kramer – Counting Stars, In the Delta

James F. Cunningham – Longing and Desire

Liz Newman – I Remember, Forever Love

Maria Miraglia – Take Me Away

Scott Thomas Outlar – Caressing Clichés into Comforting Sighs

John Lambremont, Sr. – Happy Mother’s Day, Anniversary

Estelle Powell – I Cannot Say You are Perfect

John Walker – First Kissed, Our Story

Mark Andrew Heathcote – Betel Leaves, Rose Petals at My Feet, The Soul of Eternal Love

Thank you for supporting the Starving Artist Fund.

Cupid's Arrow

Release Date: January 13th, 2018







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9 replies

  1. Thank you so much! What an honor to be among such amazing talent!


  2. Dhanyabad to fellow participants & group CTU.


  3. Feelings of gratitude arise from within, washing over the trivialities of life’s disappointments. Renewed and revitalized while walking with giants and soaring with the phoenix, living the dream of all wordsmiths once again.



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