Apollon – Author Brenda-Lee Ranta


Standing in a temple, his

Apollon of symbolic love,

a soldier of one guarding

his mythical idealisms

Daphne approaching the

sacred ground, awareness

not awe inspiring, not even

a trifle, a fearful, painful void

serendipity or revelry not, be

only empty echoes in the night,

be it a thought, a dream, a wish.

if none hear the sound of its voice

it is but a whisper, like the wind

holding its mouth agape, meaning

nothing, soundless, when it be

only solitary sound of the esoteric

while the lyre played on and on,

none be audible from the Delphic

Daphne whirled, whirled, spinning,

swaying to silent music of the gods

that was only

meant for her,

never to hear

she was pained

she was relieved

an outline of the temple

now barely visible

was fast becoming

Apollon’s tomb and

Daphne’s memory


© Brenda-Lee Ranta

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  1. This was an interesting subject! Thank you for sharing!


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