Featured Writer: Melody Lee

Nothing Less


Possess me with your love

Wholly, completely, devour me

Call me selfish, this is how I demand my lovers

Soul on soul, flesh on flesh, nothing less

A feverish kind of love

Fire and storm

Wild and calm

Gentle and strong

The forever kind

Bring me to the nape of your neck

Wrap me inside the crevices of your heart

Hold me close, never part

We shall love eternally, like Annabel Lee in the castle by the sea

And Count Dracula in the dark chambers of immortality

Your heart and soul and mind I shall possess

Greedily, hungrily, as ferocious lovers do.


© Melody Lee

unnamed (19)About the Author

Melody Lee is a contributing writer for A Better Today Media online magazine and features reviewer for Her Heart Poetry magazine. She’s an avid reader, power-walker, wine-enthusiast, foodie and collector of adventures. Melody recently published her debut poetry book, “Moon Gypsy,” and is working on her second poetry book to be released in 2018.  You can find Melody Lee on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MLPoetryJunkie and on Instagram @melody_lee_poetry_junkie.

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2 replies

  1. This work is quite intense! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Her work speaks to my soul that I thought I had hidden so deep it would never caught fire again Very moving


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