Moving Along – Author Susannah White


Having no one to talk to when I need

is what drives me mad.

There’s only a certain limit I can reach in my

own head.

No ideas or concerns to bounce back and forth

all I seem to come across is closed doors.

When you have emotions you feel to be so

sincere and you have the courage to break

down and release,

yet the person sitting across had not one

single word to speak.

To me, that’s incredibly weak.


How can you watch someone with tears in

their eyes,

yet pretend you don’t see them cry?

Does it affect you on the inside despite your

hard outer shell?

If it does…

I’d never be able to tell.


These are those I say have grown cold,

lack of empathy for those they say they “love”

the most.

Standing stagnant on their path to emotional


The lost that don’t want to be found,

looking for every chance to run you


I’m not saying their path is wrong,


I just have to keep on mine… moving along.


© Susannah White

Where the Soul Wanders

Excerpt from the book Where the Soul Wanders

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Susannah White About the Author

Susannah White is a self-taught poet residing in Southern California. Her passion for writing excelled at a very young age after winning a state writing competition. She won numerous awards throughout school, including the national President’s award multiple times. Susannah feels her purpose in life is to lift those souls up whom have broken wings and help them once again soar to where their soul wanders.

Visit Susannah’s Author Page at:

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