Featured Writer: Dr. Santosh Bakaya

My Nocturnal trysts

Bits of azure sky shining bright in memories.
The Chinar tree shimmers green even in autumn.
But chunks and slivers of that bygone era remain
As bruises unhealing, every moment enhancing the pain.
The fire still blazes from those burnt bridges
Crackling, spluttering,
Muttering sadly of those lovely times
Splashing all over me like driblets of water.
While I sit, stumbling and stuttering on an alien tongue.
Through the frosted glass of memory
Love still peeps; furtively creeps
all over me as the world sleeps.
And I once again break into dance.
Prancing to the notes of that long lost symphony.
That we created long back under the deodar tree.

© Dr.  Santosh Bakaya

11204892_836125223091318_4297770758567556602_nAbout the Author

Dr Santosh Bakaya , academician- essayist – novelist – poet – reviewer  hails from India , and has been widely published,  winning international acclaim for her works especially Ballad of Bapu [ A Poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi ] Flights from my Terrace [ A collection of essays ],
Where are the lilacs? and Under the Apple Boughs [ two volumes of poetry].

Besides figuring in many anthologies , she has edited three anthologies of poems and short stories :  Umbilical Chords : An Anthology on Parents Remembered  Darkness there but something more: A collection of eerie Tales  Cloudburst : A womanly Deluge [ a compilation of 28 lyrical voices from India]

Recipient of many awards , she has been invited to many literary festivals and was recently a delegate  from India to SAARC SUFI FESTIVAL [ Jaipur ]. Her novella, A Skyfull of Balloons will soon be out.

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