Featured Writer Highlight: Valormore De Plume


The Potion – From the Mindscapes Of Valormore

Snapping twigs and rustling leaves echo in the shadows beyond the flickering flames, from the moment Roamar begins to fill the request for another campfire story. Jordi tosses several small limbs and a huge log into the center of the ring of friends gathered roundabout the fire.

“How do you always manage the timing of the sound effects?” asks Sheena. “Yeh,” echoes Darla. “It’s like the forest is helping you to unnerve us.” “Be quiet,” insists Roland. “It’s just your imagination. Now let Roamar continue without interruption and allow all of our imaginations to run wild. Please.”

“It’s the stories, Sheena,” says Roamar. “The stories have a life of their own. The stories want to be known. I don’t make them up. The stories come to me because I lend them a voice. When you hear sound effects, you lend them an ear. Roland doesn’t hear twigs snapping because he only lends them storage room in his mind. This one is not very scary, so you don’t need to worry, Sheena. Now, where was I?” “Ellana was straining to find her way through the shadows in the forest by the dimming moonlight as the ominous clouds began to gather,” says Jordi. Roamar continues.

Ellana knows the way, having made the journey many times. Always, and only under the cover of darkness could she hope to avoid detection by the Guards of Golem and collect the ingredients for her herbal concoction. For only in these magical forests are found pixies and sprites who tend to the Gardens of Enchantment. Herewith in hollowed logs and under the ruins of Aultophar’s historic past do they preen the forgotten fruits of days long gone.

All too well, she knows the dangers of clinging vines and boggy bogs where horrid creatures hide when she passes through and back again, for this is the realm of the Toothy Troths and Daren’t Bees, where one errant footfall would but be the last. Ellana brings, with her, an Ever-Set from the Collection of Enigmas, most treasured among the pixies and purloined droplets of dragon’s sweat, from the Hogwarts, to repel even the most appalling beasties of the bog. This night shall be well worth the bother when she holds the last few crucial ingredients in her hand.

The eager pixies know well her desire and make the trade with haste, for what are a few leaves and roots when weighed against the object of their most valued adoration, an Ever-Set, after all, is hard to come by and the dawn is nearing. Going out, Ellana leaps with care from rock to branch through the clinging vines, dancing over the boggy bogs while sprinkling dragon sweat at an almost capricious pace, and then slides unseen between the drowsy Guards of Golem just before the first rays betray her. Once inside the cloistered comfort of her country cottage Ellana prepares the potion.

“What is an Ever-Set?” asks Darla. “It must be something that the pixies and sprites need to help their garden grow,” says Jordi. “It doesn’t matter,” says Roland. “If it were important to the story, Roamar would have provided more information. Do you need an explanation for everything?” “Ever-Set is important to the pixies,” says Roamar. “They put it in the center of the pixie village to ward off evil, like sickness and accidents. This will also double their already lengthy lifespan and guarantees fertility, so that they will have numerous healthy offspring. For the sprites, which depend on the pixies and their magical gardens, it perpetuates their existence as well.” “Ellana must be very sneaky in order to steal dragon sweat from a college for wizards,” says Sheena. “Yes,” says Roamar. “Ellana is extraordinary indeed. The Elfin Clans, from the time before Aultophar, raised her. This on its own is unheard of, for she is not Elfin and has the appearance of trolls, yet she has no troll blood in her veins nor any of their traits. She came into being during the spring festival, in the midst of the Elves. She was not born of parents and she outlived everyone from the time of the Elves; all concerned parties agree that Ellana was conjured from the Collection of Enigmas by an unknown wizard as a gift to the Elves. This would seem logical, considering her ability to procure the Ever-Set.” “Can we just get back to the story?” asks Roland. “Yes, please do,” says Darla. “Forgive me for interrupting.” “Well, this is all pertinent,” says Roamar. “Telling the story will be easier now.” Roamar continues. You might well consider, and I’m surprised you didn’t ask, what the purpose of the potion is.

Ellana was madly in love with a certain Elvin lad. However, being her appearance was less than desirable the lad found no special place in his heart for her beyond that of friendship. Ellana, being very understanding, was content to be best of friends with the lad even when he married and raised a family of his own with an Elfin mate. Eventually the lad succumbed to old age and withered away while holding Ellana’s hand. She lived on through all the generations of the Elves, with no other love to take his place in her heart. As you well know, the time of the Elfin Clans passed away into the pages of history long ago. Ellana looks the same today as she did in the days before our time. The blessing, from the conjuring of her, shows no sign of ending. The potion is of the most deadly sort imaginable and though it holds no hope of ending her existence, it should allow her to sleep for a very, very, long time. To this cause, she is determined. One day in some distant future when Ellana awakens, perhaps she will be able to live without the constant pain of loss and start anew.


© Valormore De Plume

Response to our Inspiration Call on January 12, 2018

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  1. Oh my gosh, THIS is why we write! You blew this creative writing call right out of the water! Thanks for sharing your time and talent. God bless you!

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