Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday


Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Write a flash fiction piece (short story, prose, poetry up to 1000 words)

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Finally, all clear
    In my dreams there is more life
    A new space to grow
    I refuse to judge you here
    Let’s get to work now
    Let’s rebuild from the ground up


  2. The Past

    The pretty, young barmaid looked at my white hair and deeply wrinkled face asking my age, ‘as if I might be a minor’. I’m an obliging sort of man but I had another plan so instead I told her a story.
    “When I was ten years old, I looked back through the endless good times of summer coming to a close and recalled the preceding school year. Memories of classes designed to fill my head with ‘essential information’ about people and places, science and numbers, ancient civilizations and historical blunders, bored me to tears. The only thing that gave me relief was the fact the teachers appeared more bored than the class. I remember thinking my hair will be as gray as theirs by the time graduation day arrives.
    When I was twenty, I believed I knew plenty to make my way in the world. There is no need to look back when the future is waiting for me to unwrap it, as a present found under the tree. I’m going to stand the world on end and shake the foundations while gathering wealth and fame.
    Then I turned thirty, that blended into forty. Where has the time gone? On this merry-go-round of life, each year passes faster than the one before. Truly, it just isn’t fair.
    Then I rounded the big five-o. It should be the big five-oh-no. Through sixty and seventy, most everyone I know passed to their final reward. By ninety and one hundred things started to change. There is no need for counting the flashing-by days, only marking the passage of years. Yet inside, where I reside, I am still that young boy of ten.
    Today I’m sitting on this bar stool with a gorgeous young blonde-haired woman under each arm, helping me spend my dough.”
    The young lady barmaid discreetly said, “You’re the oldest geezer I’ve ever seen.”
    Then looking quite wily, she asked rather wryly, “What is your secret for long life?”
    I said, “Come round this side and give me a kiss. Then I might give you a clue.”
    Calling my bluff, she came around sure enough, to bring her lips so close to mine. I pulled her in close while groping her mound and tonguing her into submission. She was clearly weak in the knees so I gave her my barstool between the two vixens. I slowly let go of her chassis cuz her eyes were all glassy and proceeded to tell her my story.
    “Every day for breakfast I drink a bottle of gin and make love to blonde number one. For lunch, I drink a bottle of vodka and make love to blonde number two. For dinner, I drink a bottle of bourbon and make love to both of these fine girls.”
    She looked back and forth. The vixens nodded in agreement.
    “In the evenings, I go to the bars and troll for a third girl like you.”
    She said, “I admit I had you pegged wrong, your mojo is strong, now tell me just how old you are.”
    “I said bring me a bottle of scotch and let me dance in your crotch, and then I’ll tell you the number.”
    She did as I asked and we danced until dawn, the four of us had quite a hoedown. Then when the time came I told her with no shame, tomorrow I’ll be twenty-seven.



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