Featured Writer: Chandra Shekhar Pal

I Want to Grow Old


Not quiet or reclusive,
hiding deep within the clothing
under the clothing,
tucking myself up tight
beneath the covers,
waiting for morning
to never come.

And I don’t fear the aches and pains
my body might reveal when measured
up against the aches and pains
seclusion can inflict upon my soul.

Some midlife crises fill themselves
with empty wishes, artifacts,
the clutter piled in corridors,
in rooms, on stairs; you trip on it
while getting to the door.

Throw out the stuff; it’s worthless junk
collected in the hope you’d find a use
for it. You won’t; as if it ever had
a purpose tucked away.

Relief; now doesn’t that feel better, lighter?
All your burdens in the trash, returned
to earth from earth from where they came.

Let’s walk together up the hill
and find a sunny spot to spread the blanket,
open up our basket, pop the cork
and watch the clouds drift by.

©  Chandra Shekhar Pal

IMG_6637About the Author

Chandra Shekhar Pal, 29 years old, has been writing poetry since childhood.  He currently employed as a PGT (Post Graduate Teacher) in English, Associate Editor of The StoryTeller Magazine, and Majors in English….Themes of Choice Are…Heartbreaks n Heartburns….Peace n War…And Anything that doesn’t let you sleep!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your work and God bless you!

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