CTU Press Release: Contributors Announcement – Microaggression Then & Now Anthology

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for the literary publication Microaggresion- Then & Now

Microaggression Then & Now Contributors:


Don Beukes – Preface, Diary of a Coloured Boy, The Restaurant, The Beach

Xavier Smith – Microaggression, Microaggression: A Fabricated Reality

Michael Griffith – Acclimation

Alicia Minjarez Ramirez – Absence

Jeff Oliver – Simple Minded People

Justin R. Hart – The Tolerance of Intolerance

John Walker – Is It Just Me, The Necessities of Dark and Light, Uncomfortable Question, Personal Experience

Markus Fleischmann – Words, Words Can Hurt

Jaz – 60 Seconds

Vee Townsend – They, The Warrior Takes Her Place, My Worst Enemy

Ann Christine Tabaka – The Rest is Silence, Broken 

Susan O’Reilly – A Sham

J. Mulcahy-King – Micro-aggression is…, Leper Apothecary

Lynn White – Motherly Love

Tammy S. Thomas – My Handicap

Bevan Boggenpoel – Coloured, Nation in Reparation, Subtle Aggression

Baidha Fercoq – Vanishing Gardens, Swept Aside

Adam Levon Brown – Mansplain

Veronica “Vee” Thornton – Stressing

Shelly Ambrose – Heart’s Reflection, Let Go

Maggie Mae – So Pretty

William Wright, Jr. – The War Cry of Natives

Heath Brougher – Embarrassment, Raised On Cartoons

Shelly Buttenhoff Miller – Personal

Vincent Van Ross – Collateral Damage, Good Deeds that Turn Out the Other Way

Darrell Herbert – Final Depressive Episode

Mark Andrew Heathcote – In All Walks of Life, Things I have Heard Said

Monsif  Beroual – Mirror of Hope

Miriam Ruano – Between the Eyes

Ezekiel O Tracy – This is a Choice

Daginne Aignend – Promotion, Black Smells

Zoe Maynard – Whistle, The F*cking Bus Seat Saga

Paige Turner – Who Are You?

Brenda-Lee Ranta – The Micro Female, There Is No Micro in Aggression

Jim Lewis – Monks Swimming

Terika McQuinn – Why Am I Angry

Rusty Shuping – Coco Sonya, Luck or Blessing, It’s all Perspective


Thank you for supporting the Starving Artist Fund.


Release Date: February 17th, 2018



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  1. Congratulations and God bless you! Way to go!

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  2. Reblogged this on The Salamander Chronicles – Don Beukes and commented:
    The long awaited new anthology from CTU… You do NOT want to miss this one!



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