Inspiration Call: Tell this story


Inspiration Call: Write a Poem or Short Story that tells this story.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Smile for the camera, Raj!
    It’s your time to shine!
    We can make the world realize
    Although we are small
    Our hearts are larger than life!
    Raising awareness
    Will bring our story to all!


  2. Dear world,
    Meet us, see us, because we are,
    Named as trash babies,
    Yet we are,
    Only diamonds in rough,
    It’s tough, yet I still smile,
    For the world I see in her eyes,
    Is one which I would like to make mine,
    For her, I would change the rotation of the sun,
    I know I’m not superman, but I aspire to be her hero.

    Meet us, see us, because we are,



  3. It had been four days. He was sure it had been four days, She might have known too had only she cared to know. Four days without the presence of one’s parents never hurt any child, He consoled himself, and “this place is full of so many things that I could do”.
    He knew what she must be thinking. Looking at her assured Him she didn’t care to realise she was abandoned.
    None of them missed their parents. Not that they never had seen any, but Their father was mostly off at sea and Their mother was too busy thinking about him. So all that they grew with was Themselves and the pair of similar looking soft bears that Their father gifted to them. Yet, He knew they must need Their parents. But WHO can make the girl in the torn frock, which was smeared in sand, to understand that there was more to today than TO-DAY…. So He let her loose…
    To hobble about and pretend to scare the trees with a “Skadoosh!”.

    “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re upto”, she said while he made something like small bows from coconut shells, “I know You’re wanting to go back home”. He ignored what was the blasphemous truth to Her. “You see you can’t see how much fun this is- being at a place where no one points you wrong or directs your steps”. Now his bows were of the perfect shape to be cherished.
    “You can’t run away from things which are meant to be” He mumbled.
    ”Who said I’m running, I’m just telling YOU us being here is meant to be and that’s where we should stay”.
    Something pushed. He couldn’t say but his lips were no longer in his strict command so he said “You know us here, we don’t have any significance, its a huge world for us to live in than such a stinky place”.

    Well for the next 10 seconds the pea brains, for the first time in Their life thought the same thing- How BIG is the world, really???
    I think dad has seen it all, she broke the ice, “He never stays home anyway”. And he started on the Math… Their dad was 65 years old and he had already traveled the world. Was the world really as small that one could cover it in 65 years? Well if that’s true then they have seen quite much of it already. But all they saw was a little shack called Home and one green area called garden and now This… Whatever this place was.
    But while he thought all that, she was already taken to a new tree she hadn’t scared yet…
    And for all He cared to say- You know the world maybe huge but we are huge-r 😀 because we can scare down trees!!!

    He picked her up in his arms to kiss her and only smiled.

    Thanks for reading!


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