The Weaver and His Quilt – Author D.B. Hall


Legends of old

foretold  your coming

so the jealous Weaver hatched a plan

daring and bold

luminescence was stolen from a million stars

and woven with magic into a matchless quilt

decorated with windowpane oyster shells

and priceless pearls

in a vain attempt to match the brilliant shine

of your imminent beauty.


Innocent and unaware you came

stroding boldly through the pounding surf

whitecaps splashed in ecstatic glee

against your smooth olive skin

the wind whipping your wild alabaster hair

a natural love of life

flashing from those glorious green eyes.


Upon being bathed in your presence

the Weaver immediately knew he had failed

that with each confident stride you took

he was losing turf so The Weaver offered up his quilt

as a gift to robe you and cover your pristine nakedness.


Once this immaculate quilt was clasped around your neck

and gathered in your hands

beauty and magic united sparkled and swirled

dipped and swayed until you arose to eternal majestic heights and so The Moon was born.


© D.B. Hall

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Who are you? Are you a brave knight? A warrior brandishing your sword, ready for battle. Are you a dreamer? Away with the fairies, losing count of fireflies whilst searching for Neverland. A goth? Who feels right at home with the monsters hiding under the bed, who loves to dance a dervish with the devil on the stroke of midnight. Or perhaps you are a dragon-slayer? Or a soul snatcher? Basking in the heat of an eternal flame. Or maybe you’re a witch? Hiding deep in the woods, practicing dark arts beneath the light of a full moon.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautifully descriptive piece of work and God bless you!


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