Companion – Author Jaz

“I wonder

if she can feel

my intense emotion”?

Is that why

you stare into

the blackness

where things seem to take shape

and invite your gaze?

I look

but I don’t see what you do

Yellow canvas to paint your dreams on

Is it spirits you view?

Do you sense danger



Because I know you can detect magic

You leap at

the shadows on the wall

they dance

they want to dance with you

and then when

I bleed inside

you discern my sadness

and when

I shed smiles

your mouth corners turn up

and when I’m


so are you

Our souls stand attention

as straight as your ears do

and I’m writing this poem for you

my first of ’05

and I didn’t know

I loved you so much

thank you for sharing with me your nine lives.


© Jaz

Serendaing Flowers

Excerpt from the book Serenading Flowers

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Jaz WAbout the Author

Jaz is an actress, ASCAP member-songwriter, published poet, model and singer from Philly, PA. Jaz is pursuing her BA in Theater Studies at Temple University. She is a member of Temple’s Golden Key International Honour Society and on the Dean’s List. Jaz was also just awarded as a 2017 honoree of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

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