Seasons – Author Maggie Mae


At the end of each season

The ship moored at the coral reef

Of his mother homeland

An island paradise, even with the

Ever smoking volcano at

its center

For three days they will stay


As the moon rose

Over the calm clear waters

The songs that calm the soul

Float across the waves and sand

Even though they have searched year after year

They can never find the angel that sings


This year he decided

They would not even try

Just relax on deck

Letting the moon and song cleanse them

Before going on the final leg home


As time passed by

The sailors all slipped into sleep

The song seeming to grow nearer

He moved slowly towards the sound

And the moons reflection on the smooth ocean

Strangely calm under the clear night


There in the reef

Was a beautiful face just above the water’s surface

Locks of long hair floating around that face

As the sound of an angel came from those lush lips

He stood transfixed for what seemed eternity

Not moving, barely breathing


As she moved ever so slowly closer

The moonlight bright

On his handsome face

She did not realize she was moving

When she neared the ship

Reaching out a hand

He held his out slowly


Reaching over the edge

He did not even notice

When he went into the water

When their fingers touched

In her cerulean eyes

The ship, the water, the moon

No longer existed

There was only her


She wrapped her tail around him

Bringing him close to her

His head above the water

She did not know how

But she was keeping him with her

For she knew, he was her king


© Maggie Mae


Excerpt from the book From The Moon To The Sea

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

maggie-maeAbout the Author

Maggie Mae Carter was raised in Florida and is now living in Southeast Virginia.  She has always been into art and started writing poetry regularly in 2010.  She has recently added photography to her list of creative outlets.

Trying to find peace in this chaotic world by sharing her words and visions, she hopes you will find a piece that speaks to your soul.  From the Moon to the Sea is her first book and she hopes that you will enjoy reading it as much as she did writing it.

Visit Maggie’s Author Page At:

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