Featured Writer: Jeffery Martin

jefferyIt has been the strangers in Jeffery’s life who have encouraged him to pursue his passions….

A fifth grade teacher who told him he would write books one day.

An elderly man he met while in a homeless shelter who told him he was too smart to be there and sent him to the library to “see what other people had done with their lives” and to do something with his own.

Or the Muslim friend who told him he was a diamond and the pressure of life was there to make him shine.

Countless others have inspired Mr. Martin’s pen without realizing.

He became a writer because he was first a listener. Through the ups and downs of life seeds of expression have been born, seeds he feels are his responsibility to share.

 Here are a few excerpts from Jeffery’s latest book Jus Sayin’


September 14, 2014

I did not set out to write books I set out to be free and writing was my way. My goal was to release the anger pent up inside. Sentence structure meant nothing to me. I wanted to stop being angry. Writing helped me smile again. And when my writing shook hands with my reading life stopped hurting and began healing and teaching. Which was its goal from the beginning.


September 14, 2014

It is easy to feel alone in this life. Running here and there. And many of us waste a whole lifetime chasing a carrot that was never meant to be eaten. Too many of us course through life doing everything but living, doing what we think will give us prestige, forgetting that anything given from an outside source can also be taken away. Running may get you there faster but with walking, you see so much more. Life shouldn’t be about obtaining, but rather retaining the lessons that thoughtful movement brings. We are not machines but we fear spontaneity. We are not machines but we feel more comfortable with a keyboard than a handshake. We are not machines but stare straight ahead as if on some secret mission rather than looking into a stranger’s eyes. Life cannot be about lonely possessions it must be about communal interaction. That carrot was put there to distract us, not to enhance or advance us in the ways of neighbors.


October 22, 2014

Child: “Why you always reading? Is you smart or something? ”

Me: “Nah, I ain’t smart. I’m just trying to stay aware.”

Child: “Aware of what?”

Me: “Aware of what makes life better.”

Child: “So you just trying to be happy then?”

Me: “Couldn’t have said it better.”


November 7, 2014

Showing kindness brings blessings and curses. Those who appreciate are a blessing. Those who feel it is something to be taken advantage of make you curse and sometimes swing. I love the blessings but I stay in shape just in case.


Find More Inspiration in his book Jus Sayin’


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