Featured Writer: Melody Lee

Seasonal Crush


The moon in your eyes

Reflect the twilight in mine

The feel of your skin

Muscles and brawn

The way you touch me instantly

With your perspicacious mind

The soft brush of your welcoming palm

From dusk until dawn

Mental stimulation pouring forth

Sweet like warm honey

And smooth silk

The contrast

Ethereal and physical

Teasing all five senses

My cheeks blush

Skin burning


You have that way

That masculine gentleman touch

But with that esoteric thing going on

I might be in love

All sentimental and such

There’s also a chance

It might be nothing more

Than a seasonal crush.


© Melody Lee

Melody LeeAbout the Author

Melody Lee is a contributing writer for A Better Today Media online magazine and features reviewer for Her Heart Poetry magazine. She’s an avid reader, power-walker, wine-enthusiast, foodie and collector of adventures. Melody recently published her debut poetry book, “Moon Gypsy,” and is working on her second poetry book to be released in 2018.  You can find Melody Lee on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MLPoetryJunkie and on Instagram @melody_lee_poetry_junkie.

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