Writer Highlight Featuring: Ashley Bechtold



“Childhood of Dreams”

I had them; I’m sure we all did.
We had hopes as a child
Unicorns were real.
Jesus loved us.
People were kind.
I fell asleep in a field of flowers
I thought could never die.
I walked the halls of a house
I never thought could
burn to the ground.
In my dreams,
The church was full of promises
That weren’t supposed to die
Jesus loved us
People were kind
In my childhood,
Wishes came true.
True love was a thing,
But heartache wouldn’t happen to you.
Here’s what life has taught me
Every flower I’ve ever touched has died.
Houses burn to the ground
And churches lie.
Jesus loved me, this I know
Except for that night in the car
As it started to snow.
He raped me;
then grabbed my face.
He told me I was pretty.
The police said
I made mistakes.
Life is full of shattered hopes and dreams.
Everything dies.
People are not kind.


© Ashley Bechtold

Response to our Inspiration Call on March 7th, 2018

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  1. Shared, this reminded me of my childhood…..


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