Inspiration Call: Tell This Story


Inspiration Call: Write a Poem or Short Story that tells this story.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Gas Mask Past & Present At a glance one could tell the design was old. A gas mask from a few decades ago with a tale of its own. The previous owner made it through many a horrendous ordeal be it night or day escaping the clutches of many vaporous substances which were made to lead to death – or at the very least a painful existence.  To its wearer it was a great protector saving his hide over and over and seen as a cherished item for it was a vital part of garments worn as armor for war. To be without would be a huge blunder as though one had failed to prepare but instead prepared to give up ones life.  Its new owner kin of its previous knew of its glory days and greatly appreciated it for its more than superb job of keeping its previous owner alive throughout the years by his side but its old job of keeping alive the wearer was now no more.  Now it decorated the wearers face for intense bouts of play among several other items of interest for those involved in a play date of sorts. For reasons not easily discerned by the outside world the weight and texture is a comfort and the design is appreciated because it catches the eye for all parties involved.  The feel of rubber or latex against flesh elicits a wonderful tingly sensation which is easily addicting all on its own with the one of a view getting a kick just by seeing it being worn on another who radiates confidence, bbeauty and power with a caring and gentle demeanor.  Its original purpose was obvious. Its current one – pleasure.  By: Darken Satire18 March 2018 Sent by yahoo Mail on Android


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