Featured Writer: Sandra Orellana

Beyond Our Limits


“ Oh mom, I told my father to fight for  our country .” Now I ask myself, “ was it worth it ?”

His mother answered; “ Now we´re alone Tommy , but I am proud I can say,“we´re safe inside this country; whatever it has to be restore. “

Tommy scared holding his mother´s hand, both sitting on a street corner, hearing the protest of citizens , concerning the border of two countries.

“Cultivate Peace, a  citizen said loudly to be heard , don´t built a wall between our neighbours.”

“ Youré telling me what to do.” The leader  shouted louder then the protesters -because he had a microphone. “ I’m a winner, I won and we´ll make the wall ; when it´s build; the other side of the wall would be forgotten .

“ We want to love our neighbours , “a citizen shouted back. “ You´re like a mad man, looking for wars, we want peace and to be respected.”

“ Who is going to pay for the wall ? “ a native yelled. “ Not us , for sure , our land was taken.”

The leader shouted back, “ we will make the wall. “

“ Who ´s  we ? “ a citizen responded.

Tommy sad hearing all the yelling and lost confidence and felt he was lost, and looked up at his mother, “ Is it our fault ?” This wall will divide our families and friends . Is it a punishment for our neighbours or us ?” “ Why ? ” are they making us to be cruel to our neighbours? “ His mother just kept quiet with sorrow .

A young boy poorly dressed crying , sitting beside Tommy .

“ Why are you crying?” Tommy asked.

“ I live in the other side of the border ; I wonder about this leader, is it  how I dress or the color of my face ; Is it my fault? ”

“ Is  it we are not important , because we´re a country with no money.” He finished by saying , this leader can make us feel like a nobody.

Tommy listened and put his hand on the boy´s shoulder. He told him, “ I hope one day we will see each other. “ Be brave my friend. “

Tommy  remembered his father had taught him, to fight for his rights for freedom. He remembered he would say love your neighbour and love one another for the sake of this border we share.

Tommy looked at the people yelling to the new leader. He wondered, would we ever smile to each other again, he hoped some common sense could come out for his generation. He knew living in a border is to live with his neighbour in harmony.

His mother stood up and  pulled Tommy up and walked away from from the crowd. Tommy looked at the boy  stitting hopeless. “Hope we meet again, strangers we will never be, and we will fight for his nonsense of dividing us. “

If we have to go beyond by going through clouds to meet, we will my friend. This wall will not be done, it won´t give us peace, only frustrations that will develope battles that won´t advance.

The challenge of each day for our generation will prevail. The boy smiled with hope. looked at Tommy and said . “Thank  you my friend, we will meet again.”

© Sandra Orellana

myimage About the Author

I am Sandra Orellana, 63 American. I have 4 years writing . I live in Mexico City and San Miguel Allende . My passions are tennis and writing. I reachout to children´s shelters. My first novel launched this month. ” The Arch Of Surprises ” by Sandra Orellana available in Amazon, kindle and lighthouse christian publishing website.

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