Inspiration Call: Write a poem that appreciates lonely items.


Inspiration Call: Poetry is an act of appreciation. With our increasingly busy schedules, we lose our ability to appreciate. Poets must resist the modern temptation to overlook what holds meaning in our lives. Identify something in your surroundings—a rusted hoe draped in spider webs, an unfashionable dress abandoned by time, a wine cork buried in a drawer of unpaid bills—and write a poem that appreciates these lonely items.

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  1. By Cather for Rye
    by Mark Miller © 08/17/2016
    Sable of night repeals our
    Hidden mirrored abuse
    Puzzle pieces draw out
    Fancy flights made bliss
    Can’t you hear as fear
    Drowns the solar rain gray
    Shapely holes alone stray
    Grasping for future hour riffs
    In hybrid blue the blood wrap clause
    Selling ink stains historic loss
    Under lanterns light we gather
    Stoic streets of concrete keep
    It’s a myths devise that slip
    Our distaste with violent disgust
    Sleeping conscious stealth margin
    Delivered delights of texts sent
    Of playtime children like kindred
    Copyright © Mark Miller | Year Posted 2018


  2. Mark Miller 12/30/2017

    Traveler starlight dusts
    Our color emotion departed
    Ever within never dissident
    Below sordid toss assortment
    Blooms circuit substance

    Our obsessive privy throws
    Living symptom circular gaze
    Before myopic oceans deep gray
    Grasping worlds structure foray
    By shipwrecked days estrange

    In homes left untouched the many
    For whom history appoints
    The fill of sentry tales
    Holds purpose tenants void
    Copyright © Mark Miller | Year Posted 2018


  3. Forsaken beauty

    Oh! The beautiful creation
    You were a beauty queen
    Adorned worshiped and praised
    It is you that have had a value, beauty and name
    Popularity among proud trade names

    You were proud
    Well polished
    Cleaned and perfumed inside
    Never thought of your decaying body
    This is life

    Many glances you enjoyed ancient times
    Gone down to naught
    Understand, beauty queen of the past
    Weep no more
    You are here to teach the lesson of bitter a truth

    © Sunil Algama – March 24, 2018


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