Featured Writer: Isaiah Barber

The Girl with No Name II


I could write of many things

Some good and some bad

But what I get in the end

Is the serenity I long for


When I was with you

My mind became a swirl

It was happiness you see

But what you did to me

Is create the beast in me


You ripped out my heart

Tore it apart

Right from the start

I aim for your heart


Don’t you see the rage

I’m out of my cage

And what you see

Is the beast in me


I howl

Tis foul

I growl

You run


You’re done

No sun

You hide

We collide

I skin you’re hide


Oh the lust burns

My heart yearns

What is this feeling

It’s a bloody feeling


Have I lost my way

I’m changing today


I’m lost

Turned to frost

I toss




Can’t stop the voice

Need to make a choice

Just a taste

Not to make haste

It’ll be a sweet taste


Oh the insanity in me

There is a beast in me

So I lock myself in a cage

Because of all this rage


The girl with no name

She played her game

Now I lost my own name


Let this be the beginning


A road life changing

Let this be a journey

As I write my poetry

That leads me

To my serenity


© Isaiah Barber

10574387_910459362301741_8644182954116509564_nAbout the Author

Writing came about for me, in my life, when I was 16 years of age. Before that however, more to my story is needed. My mother left my father when I was 3. Most children develop an emotional attachment to the mother, but I was the opposite. I became a destructive child as a result. When I was 9, my mother decided to take me to Oregon from Washington but it didn’t end there. After a year she took me to Kansas, away from family and my father. To be brief with this portion of my story, I went from destructive to complete and utter depression and despair.

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