A Cat’s Early Morning Walk ~ Author Shawn Chang


A cat staggered out a house with a pout

For an early morning walk.

He heard the birds yawn as he crossed the lawn

To have a light-hearted talk.

“Morning!” he said to the wakening dew.

(Of course he got no reply.)

Considering the dew, his weight overdue,

He fell, crushing a snail thereby.

The snail!

The snail!

Thinner than the crust of a pie!


Oblivious to the kill the cat went on a hill

To continue his morning walk.

He passed some nice trees and hidden in these

Was a cow who loved to stalk.

Him serenading, her masquerading

As Fate’s threads stubbornly spun:

The cat passed her place, the cow picked up pace,

Trailing after the cat for fun!

For fun!

For fun!

Meek, shy, or shameful? She was none!


The cow followed the cat with expertise at that

In want of conversation.

But then she stumbled o’er stones so jumbled

Into the cat – damnation!

Down the hill they rolled as doom did unfold –

They picked up a break-neck speed –

The cat was yelping, the cow not helping

As they neared a huge cliff, indeed!

A cliff!

A cliff!

The cruel edge of a cliff – oh, heed!




The cat and the cow stopped rolling somehow

By crashing into a stump.

The cat in a daze was found in a maze

Of cow torso and cow rump.

And slowly the cow did come to just now

To make sense of her surroundings.

Make sense!

Make sense!

Trying to bear her head’s poundings!


The cat still hidden, face overridden

With dirt and dirt and more dirt,

Was left all alone, as still as a stone,

As the cow had left to flirt.

(She had spotted some hottie bull with rum

Waiting for her far away….

So off she did run to look for more fun

For the rest of the good, nice day!

Nice day!

Nice day!

An awesome day for much more play!


Thus when the cat came to, no memory nor clue

Had he about what had passed.

He looked at his fur, like that of a cur,

And said, “Fur balls have amassed!”

The cat, so in fear for his coat so dear,

Immediately scampered home.


O’er hills he hurried, past fields he scurried

Into his haven of a home.

His home!

His home!

Into his haven of a home!


© Shawn Chang

Excerpt from the book “Down The Rabbit Hole”

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Down TheAbout the Book:

Tick tock says the magic clock

In a language that’s part of the soul

Get in line for the gate

You don’t want to be late

For your trip down the rabbit hole…


Down the Rabbit Hole” is a collective work of writings from poets who like you, live their lives inundated with the challenges and demands of everyday life. They have unlocked the door to boundaries we all make for ourselves and turned those boundaries into fantastic, beautiful worlds to both help ease the boredom and perhaps spark the imagination.

Lyne Beringer, Author of “Alaskan Vogue – Poetry From the Land of Ice and Shadows

This book was sponsored by the Starving Artist Fund by the publishing group Creative Talents Unleashed.

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

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