Featured Writer: Vincent Van Ross

Peace is Possible


Bodies buried in war cemeteries

Must be turning in their graves

When they realize they went to war

To bring about a semblance of peace!


Wars are not fought

To perpetuate confrontation

They are fought to force

Weaker nations into submission


How can war bring about peace?

How can violence bring about peace?

Like ostrich, we bury our heads in sand

And believe that it is possible


But, all those who go to war

Know perfectly well

That peace is always possible

Through peaceful negotiations


Replace brickbats with bouquets

Replace cold war with warmth

Replace arrogance with humility

Peace is very much possible


Replace hatred with love

Replace superiority with equality

Replace greed with generosity

Peace is very much possible


If peaceful means are used to spread peace

No bodies would be found in war cemeteries

And, the land that goes to bury war heroes

May be available to them while they are alive


© Vincent Van Ross

RossAbout the Author

Vincent Van Ross is a freelance writer and editor.  He writes on national and international politics, defense, environment, travel, art and culture, social themes, spirituality, philosophy, conservation and a whole lot of other issues.

Vincent’s articles and features have appeared in The Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, The Hindu, The Tribune, The Statesman, National Herald, Sahara Time, Speaking Tree (The Times of India), Daily Excelsior, Northern India Patrika, Himachal Times, Free Press, The Free Press Journal, The Sentinel, Newstime and several other newspapers and periodicals in India. He has also written a weekly column called ‘Musing’ for the Bangladesh Newspaper ‘The Independent’ and political satire for ‘gfiles.’

Vincent has been on the editorial board of several small and medium publications.  He is fond of writing humour.  His humorous writings have been carried in the ‘Morning Cup,’ ‘Flipside,’ ‘Silly Point,’ ‘Guest Column,’ ‘Musing’ and middle columns of newspapers and magazines.

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  1. My heartfelt thanks to all fellow bloggers who liked this poem.


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