Inspiration Call: Write a first-hand account


Inspiration Call: Write a first-hand account of what is happening in this picture through a poem.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Picnic

    She unpack’s flowers
    One photo frame
    The essentials
    She and he lie on
    A red check table clothe
    Her head on his chest
    He pulls his hat over his eyes
    Blots her out.

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  2. In a while, it might rain
    But we are here now
    We might be covered with hail
    But we are here now
    Let us plant those red flowers

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  3. “you love me, don’t you?” She teased. “I want to hear you say it.”
    “No.” I said calmly. “I don’t just love you. I… I find it hard to grasp how a three words… eight letters can mean so much. or how they make someone light up like the young sunrise. Or how they can make the heart beat faster; because your are very happy, but surprised. I mean i could say i love you today, then i say it again tomorrow. And again and again as days go by. Its meaning either grows with time, or fades into a void that always lead to heart been broken in tiny pieces that take time to heal.”
    I searched through her eyes as i processes my words. “Is it all that you want? to say i love you. Is it?
    Because i not only love you. I adore you. You inspire me. Your definitely not the reason i live, but trust me, i would rather be dead if you are not by my side.”

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