Writer Highlight Featuring: Sunil Algama



Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


Forsaken Beauty

Oh! The beautiful creation
You were a beauty queen
Adorned worshiped and praised
It is you that have had a value, beauty and name
Popularity among proud trade names

You were proud
Well polished
Cleaned and perfumed inside
Never thought of your decaying body
This is life

Many glances you enjoyed ancient times
Gone down to naught
Understand, beauty queen of the past
Weep no more
You are here to teach the lesson of bitter a truth


© Sunil Algama

Response to our Inspiration Call on March 23, 2018

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6 replies

  1. Thank you all reading my poem


  2. Thank you for sharing and God bless you!


  3. An essential poetry…


  4. Beautiful poem
    Loved it


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