Inspiration Call: World Environment Day


Inspiration Call: World Environment Day

Do you play a part in protecting the planet? Give us some poems inspired by nature, the environment, or any other aspect connected to World Environment Day.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. God’s Portrait

    Look at Creation
    God’s handiwork
    The rolling hills and trees
    Protected by bark
    Look at the flowers
    Big and small
    Its vibrant colours
    Beautifying them all
    How I admire
    The wide open plains
    The blowing winds
    And summer rains
    Look at me stare
    At animals domestic and wild
    At the way they provide
    Like a mother for her child
    Look at all the farmlands
    Producing food
    God’s provision
    Is sufficient and good
    Different habitats
    For all living to enjoy
    Look at your behaviour
    Be careful not to destroy
    The harmony you see
    In the precious environment
    We need to care for
    And always compliment
    The wonder of its beauty
    God’s portrait
    Lakes, rivers, dams
    Waterfalls and forest

    © 2018 Bevan Boggenpoel


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