Revelry – Author Markus Fleischmann


The silhouette of his love stands wrapped in silk and moonlight.

Her lines of perfect creation show with the warm glow by the window.

Their eyes meet with desire, a gaze that is locked together for what seems to be forever.

A smile forms on her seductive lips as the evening breeze plays with her hair’s tips.

In his mind a soft voice he does find, “I will always love you, you are mine.”

Blinking once to free his tears accompanying the ache in his heart.

With a smile he lets her be, his midnight lover’s reverie remembering her the way she’s meant to be.

In his mind a voice set free, “I love you, why do you leave?”

He closes his eyes to return to sleep, a hope in his heart for a peaceful dream.

Returning to rest with an ache in his chest, for it has only been a month since she’s passed.


© Markus Fleischmann


Excerpt from the book “A Tome Of Musings”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

markus About the Author

Markus Fleischmann is a free thinker and writer who lives in Pennsylvania. ‘A Tome of Musings’, his first book of poetry, explores the heart of a moral being, love and heartache, joyfulness and sadness. His writing is a collection of thoughts and dreams and beautifully spun into verse and rhyme.

Visit Markus’s Author Page At:

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  1. Beautiful! Made my heart ache. That’s a good thing. I like poetry that evokes emotion from myself.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and God bless you!


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