When You Go – Author L.J. Diaz

When you go…

Know that

My feelings will remain

My heart

Will continue to beat

Only for you

My eyes

Cry, lingering over you.

Your face.

My fingertips

Tingle, needing to touch you.

Your face.

When you go…

I’ll stay, wanting you

Wishing you wanted me too

Wishing you would stay

I know.

You won’t.


© L. J. Diaz

catching snowflakes

Excerpt from the book “Catching Snowflakes”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Laura Diaz

About the Author

Laura is thirty-something and was born and raised in a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ village in rural England, UK. She emigrated to the USA a little over two years ago, married the love of her life in her dream Las Vegas wedding, and now resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband, in a little shack by the beach.

 Laura believes that animals have the best souls, and dreams of a day where extinction is extinct. She hates suffering of any kind and is a gentle soul. She is the oldest child she knows and still believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. She is yet to stroke a unicorn, talk with a mermaid, and hunt for vampires, but these things are on her bucket list. Laura has faith in the power of prayer, is convinced that tiny miracles happen countless times a day and believes in magic. She finds witchcraft intriguing and would like to bottle sunshine to cure gloomy days. She is a compulsive bookworm and will not leave the house without her kindle.

 Visit Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/-l.-j.-diaz.html

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  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work! God bless you!


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