Inspiration Call: Which road to take


Inspiration Call: Which road to take

Life takes us on many twists and turns. We have all had to make tough decisions at some point. Share some of your good or bad journeys and how it affected your life. Let the road be your muse.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. This is a draft of my next post, i would really like to share because its my story about the road I took to get me where I am today:

    The toughest decision I ever made was to live with myself. It was hard, and still is. I fell into trenches sometimes, but I rose up, cleaned myself up, and then kept walking. I chose to live the rest of my life enjoying what I can do and I’m best at. In 2016 I was supposed to study community health nursing. It was a programme that guaranteed a heavy paying job afterwards, but I declined it. It was that same time there was a job opportunity at a Casino and I really wanted to work there. So I followed the money that was right before me, and ignored the money that came with community nursing, but then I had to study so that I could get.

    Sometimes I think I failed myself, because I quit after six months and went to school to study sociology. I keep thinking that I could have chosen community health nursing over Casino, then I would be safe by now. However, the period I was working in Casino really opened doors for me to read and write a lot. I was all over Facebook sharing my poems and short essays. It’s in that period that I came to realize that I could write- not only words, but my emotions, I could describe what I feel. I also learnt to master my existence by appreciation the present moments and the power bestowed in me to change my future with what was in my hands.

    And now I realised one choice lead to another, even if it’s not the best one, but it just does lead to another. Because you made it, so you will have to live with it. Knowing it’s your responsibility to live up to it.

    I enjoyed my work in Casino not because I was good in profiting the company, but because I learnt to accept my work. I learn to have fun with the chips and play with the cards. I learnt how to observe people and help them with what they want. I learnt how to stay put and watch, sometimes, because sometimes I really wanted to tell someone that they should always double down on twelve or thirteen, but you just stay put, because it’s a game. And all games have moral, like any other story. They just have a lesson, if you are willing to pay attention. And some people can’t see what coming, because we have to experience for us to learn.

    I am where I am because of the choices I took and the roads I leaped to. I don’t regret, because I’m still alive and kicking well. I’m still able to change my life through the layout of my dream, goals and the energy of my actions that fuel the entire course of my life, as I want it to be. I am who I am because simply I made it possible.


  2. in 1974 I took a bus trip across the country from California to the east coast and back. My bus pass was lost on the bus in Winnemucca Nevada so I chose to continue my journey by hitchhiking. it took a week to get to NYC then another week to get to Chicago. I finally had enough of life on the road and had my father pay for a ticket back to California. Some day I will write a story about my hitchiking experiences.

    check out my poetryblog at also check out Tiferet Journal Poem a Thon on Face book. I am one of the participating poets this year. And consider sponsoring my participation.

    Thanks for reading


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