Dreamtime Magic ~ Author Debra McLain

Dreams are the place where my body finds peace,

the brain finds comfort, stress leaves with more ease.

While my conscious mind sleeps, and relaxation appears,

I see loved ones that have passed, and are no longer here.


My dad is my hero, the greatest man, I adore.

Many times, I need him, deep down to the core.

When he takes my hand, it gives me such chills,

no longer is he hurting, no more cancer or ills.


My only brother, a brat, who tormented me daily,

now visits me in dreamtime, to tell me he loves me.

When he gives me a smile, and great big bear hug,

I feel it deep within, his warmth is so snug.


My uncle, my protector, who gave up this earthly plane,

is now my main guide, who allows me free reign.

He gives me a promise, of undying love,

I am always protected, from an angel above.


My three main men, who left me too soon,

are always here for me, when I wish upon the moon.

When I say their names, before I fall asleep,

their love gives me comfort, my heart they do keep.


Dreams are the magic, where wonderful things dwell,

sit back for a moment; I will share more of my tales.

The other realm is so beautiful, a promising place,

where all my men live, in a wide-open space.


They reside in my dreams, as well as their land,

Heaven is a kingdom, so beautiful and grand.

I see the visions, they imprint in my head,

they love to remind me, they are not dead.


Whenever I need them, I only close my eyes,

listen to my heart, and believe it is wise.

For all that I wish, is true, as it seems,

I now go to sleep, and welcome my dreams.


© Debra McLain


Excerpt from the book “To Conquer Or Die Trying”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Avaialable at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Debra McLain

About the Author

Debra McLain resides in California. She is a mother to two daughters and three granddaughters. She works in agriculture, although her passion is in writing. Her dream is to publish a best seller regarding her twenty-eight year battle with an eating disorder and the spiritual awakening that followed.

Visit Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/debra-mclain.html

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  1. God bless you and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful piece of work with all of us!

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