Inspiration Call: Pirate on deck


Inspiration Call: Pirate on deck

Has the nautical theme filled your décor? Do you prefer the freedom of the seas over land? Give us some sailing stories or pirate fantasies in today’s poetry challenge.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Come sailing with me
    You will not get too sea-sick
    Just us and the waves
    Navagate towards the calm
    We will make it out
    If we just stick together

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  2. From The Jack Trilogy

    When darkness broods
    Over your tossing ship,
    And thunder rolls
    In the black distance,
    When wind spits in your face,
    Don’t falter now sailor,
    Hold your station,
    Stare into the storm’s eye,
    Do thy duty, seaman,
    Else go to the deep watery grave.

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