Writer Highlight Featuring: Mark Andrew Heathcote


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


From The Crib to The Zoo

“Let’s go to the Zoo,” my sisters would ask
I was always quite–quiet at best.
But dreamed of keeping a monkey under my vest
He’d peek out occasionally unmasked.

“We didn’t do family holidays, often
Father worked and drank a lot.”
A father who smacked and mocked
I regularly wished I were an orphan.

Mother–she was pregnant out of wedlock.
I was born then hidden from view,
This is just as far as I knew…
Her heart cut from a sprig of hemlock.

So my grandmother took over the reins,
Leastwise till these two teens wed.
Else back then gossip would’ve been widespread
Grandmother, told me of her own, pains.

How her, own, baby boy fell ill and died
How he slept in the attic where I too was laid
How both became ill and yet, I survived
How pneumonia took him to his grave.

It was then, grandmother, tearfully cried.
My world until then was oversimplified
Changed forever; some confessions are best
Left quietly chambered in your chest, oppressed,

Like a little, small monkey under a boys vest.
Caged animals have us all mystified:
It’s intriguing to see them clearly, distressed
Less wild, but somehow even more dignified.


© Mark Andrew Heathcote 


Response to our Inspiration Call on April 10, 2018

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