Fallen Angels ~ Susan E. Birch

Once we were the prime elect,

The chosen and select few.

Our duty? To teach and defend.

To that end we were armed with might.

The boundless skies were our reward

And light from sun, moon and star

Fuelled our magical flight.

Duty bound, we laboured long .

Taught earthbound kin right from wrong,

Respect for Earth and each other

Soul to Soul..sister and brother.

Earth, man and us in harmony

Equilibrium achieved.

A galactic melody.

Alas, often we turned our eyes

From Earth and man to seek the skies.

But Oh! how the stars sang to us!

As we blindly turned our face

The moon bathed us in her grace

And the mighty sun’s living flow

Did paint us in his timeless glow.

In our hubris we did neglect

To ever serve and to protect.

Declared ourselves a special sect.

We were favoured! We owned the skies!

And man diminished in our eyes

Our final act…our greatest sin

We judged them as a lesser kin.

Their brief short lives we proudly scorned,

Their fate and Earth’s by us unmourned.

In our folly and conceit

We had claimed ourselves elite

And sang our cosmic song.

Ah! How wrong we were.

We did not see the bitter seeds

We sowed, nor the harvest we were owed.

We neglected our earthbound kin far too long

Who, in their ignorance, found another song

And sang and sang until the blood ran.

Misguided, they plundered earth and sea.

Their only gods were ‘I’ and ‘ME’.

The universe wept!

And we were swept

Into a cosmic storm,

Our wings ripped and torn!

Our infamy at last repaid

Cast to the Earth we had betrayed.

Those who managed to survive

Saw the Hell allowed to thrive

And wept with shame.

This, now, was ours….this dark domain.


© Susan E. Birch

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