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About the Author

Estrella Trevino

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of My Heartbeat.

Estrella Trevino is a single mother of three that resides in Dallas, TX. Writing has always been a form of release for her, turning her anguish into beauty. An alchemist in the making, personal growth is a priority for Estrella as she is the example her children will follow. Estrella thrives on creativity and pushing her imagination to its limits.

A mental woman, with the purpose of healing through poetry and having an open heart. Writing has been her therapy. A lifelong journey of pouring her soul onto paper.

My Heartbeat

Introduction. . .

This book is written with intensity and passion. Estrella Trevino has conceived a collection of prose which reads as soulful as “The Rose of Sharon” in the Song of Solomon.  Having experienced a profound love, its loss is palpable. With a broken heart, so intensely painful, it is reminiscent of a death; with words will move the reader to tears.

It is by our wounds that we are often saved; having been lost to the depths of a love, dragging our aching hearts, filled with despair, into the light of a new day. A new life, new awareness and awakenings are found in its aftermath.

The exquisite writings of Estrella, will take you on a journey to self-love. Beautifully executed, inspiring and touching. This is a treasure trove of classically poetic words.

~ Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of A Soul Passenger

My Heartbeat

available for pre-order.

Visit Estrella’s Author Page To Order Your Copy Today!




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3 replies

  1. This book is amazing and beautifully written! How wonderful to be able to share a journey of pain that leads to joy. The writing seems to come straight from the heart. Looking forward to the second book.


  2. The book moved me. It spoke of things that I’d gone through and helped me not to feel alone.


  3. It’s rare when I can see images in my mind when reading poetry, but with this book I could. Not just seeing it play in my head but I felt each word.


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