Featured Writer: Joe Black

Summers Past

Piglets suckling on the sow
Aunty milking at the cow
Cockerel crowing in the barn
Uncle spinning us a yarn.
Lifting water from the well
Sunday morning churchyard bell
Golden corn and tilling fields
By the pleasant pasture yields.
On the bog, drink cold tea
A place you always want to be
Scent the beauty in the air
Freedom captured now so rare.
Just a memory now alas
Different era, different class
Softly spoken soothing words
Too busy now to hear the birds.


image1About the Author

Joe Black was born in Dublin in 1954. He came late to writing. Since combining this with his other passion photography and in collaboration with Achill sculptor Liam Kelly he has found his love for nature has given him plenty of material to work with. Having completed courses with creative writers ink he was encouraged to pursue his love of poetry. His work can be found at wordverse.me.

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