Barefoot Along the Edges by Glenda Higgins

A love that goes beyond

The bounds of today

Into the realms of tomorrow

That no arms can hold


A love that flies on wings

Above this world of woe

Wanting you near forever

Wanting you to hold me


With your tomorrow arms

That need to feel the air

As you move into the sun

Alone as you have come


Into my life

And out



Freeing me from chains

That I couldn’t see

Shackles of the mind

From another time


A love that goes beyond

The people who look on

And count the ways

On fingers of doubt


Pointing back at themselves

Failures always numbered

On lines upon the brow

Pointing backward forever



A love that goes beyond

The last breath of life

On golden wings

That dance on ocean air


As it rises slowly under

A restful August sun

The fragrance of ripened summer

Exhaled for the stars


To gather in straw baskets

Barefoot along the edges

Of the lengthening night

As the herons watch


Earthly bounds of expectations

Dishes to be washed

As life of endless details

Blocking out the sun


The love of a poet

Cast alone on rocks again

To dry in the warm air

And dream of better times


To dream once more of you


© Glenda Higgins

Glenda Higgins

Excerpt from the book “Poetry in Motion”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

Glenda Higgins

About the Author 

Glenda spent her early work in libraries – ten years in various positions, including cataloguing, which launched her on a favorite pastime of reading everything under the sun.

 Her start as a poet surprised her. She took a poetry-writing course. Two hundred poems wrote themselves in a furious manner, in two weeks.  This led to performing poetry in cafes and on the radio and about three hundred more poems.

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  1. Ethereal, beautiful, and compelling. So well done!


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