Writer Highlight Featuring: Markus Fleischmann



Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


The Edge

As you stand at the edge of your life
Looking back at the reflections

Fragments of your shattered self
What have you lost?
What have you found?
Bits and pieces all around
Scattered and forgotten
Discarded but imbedded
Like a footprint in sand fading with the tide
Standing at the edge as twilight falls
Still standing frozen, idle
Between the bosom of dawn and the thighs of dusk
Making love to your thoughts
Time ebbs yet it flows so fast
Trickling forward ever so
Thoughts turn into demons
Burying deep within
Never meaning to let go
Yet your heart the cistern of hope
Rages against its trespasser
Overcoming fear, battling its foe
So stand at the edge
Look back but never linger
Peek into the crack of dawn and see
A life made stronger

© Markus Fleischmann

Response to our Inspiration Call on May 8, 2018

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